We are a socially orientated company with multiple objective to provide high-quality "inclusive" products.

In Kakaw Co+ we import, distribute and sell genuine Colombian cocoa “fino de aroma”, full of magical cocoa butter, tasty cocoa beans, and unsweetened cocoa powder. Our basic principles are to ensure fair working conditions to the plantation workers and in the same time to provide the highest quality for our conscious clients. We do care a lot about “how?, where?, what?, and by who?“.

For Kakaw Co+ is essential to offer nutritionally rich, healthy and safe products to our customers. We do verify the  product quality, we check the products traceability and we want know everything about their origin. We have been impressed by the local Latin communities, indigenous or not with so much of history and beautiful culture beyond. Therefore Kakaw Co+ is a “story-telling” company. We intent to bring these breathtaking stories from growers to our clients by our marketing conceptualisation, selling style and animations. Do not hesitate any more and check where you can taste, smell and enjoy  the original cacao with us!!!

Our policy


1 %
More nutritive in cacao butter and antioxydants
1 %
Single origin cacao
0 %
Sugar, Conservants, Emulsifiers, Additives

Old Market Hall
Námestie SNP 484/25, Bratislava

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09:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturdays – 2019

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