Food of the Gods!

Thousands of years, Guatemalans, the Mayans descendants present in this territory created and tested various forms of “Gods Food” – cocoa and chocolate. We also went to a traditional chocolate factory in the village of San Juan del Obispo at Antigua in Guatemala. We were here to meet Seňora Brenda, who showed us a factory and made us taste all the traditional goodies that they have been still preparing in the same traditional way (handmade). Señora Brenda has taken over the chocolate factory of her parents, and this has been the case for 4 generations.

This great story was captured in the video thanks to VisitGuatemala.

We wish you a nice experience and we hope that you will get a dose of original cocoa and chocolate at Kakaw Co+.

Guatemala’s Food of the Gods

For thousands of years, Guatemala has been creating the “food of the Gods,” aka sinful, luxurious chocolate. Hang on to your sweet tooth for this one. This Great Big Story was made possible by VisitGuatemala. #IGoToGuatemala

Posted by Great Big Story on Tuesday, June 26, 2018