Who we are, our essence!


We include, combine, join, and we don't like to exclude. We want to contribute to improving quality of farmers life, their families and communities living in Latin America. We have chosen a very sympathetic and tasty way, the legendary cocoa! All of our partners are social companies, co-operatives, or social businesses for which it is ethical to offer fair prices for cocoa growers, to provide them with adequate working conditions and to develop local communities.

Gourmet and Nutrition

We are what we eat, where we eat and with whom. This is all the more true nowadays. Food is a unique source of health, intelligence, beauty and joy in life. And we are great gourmets, we love quality food! 🙂


We are very careful about our products selection. We adore being tempted by irresistible smell, magical chocolate taste and beautiful colors(chocolate can also be purple :)). Nevertheless, we verify the origin of each product, their food safety as well as their nutritional content.


We like listening and telling stories. We think that often there is a great story to be told beyond an exceptional product. A story can bring various personal reflections, create emotions, discover new things or look at the same thing from different point of view....and at the end, change our world! 🙂 We have decided to focus on products with interesting stories and we have found them a LOT in Latin America.

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